Lottery Winners On Acid Video

Screen captures of the Lottery Winners On Acid video, taken from the Lottery Winners On Acid single, CD 2. You can view/download the video on the official website.

Random Facts

Basic Synopsis

Davey's caught up in a twister, falling through some dark clouds and starts singing while spinning around.
Cut to a scene with Davey strolling along your everyday highstreet in downtown South Africa. It gets kinda windy, tumbleweeds and leaves blow past him, and some huge black tall thing starts creeping up behind him, jumping over a hotel roof.
Cut back to davey spinning in the twister with birds flying around him, and a nice skydiving like shot from behind showing a seemingly never ending blackness awaiting the fall.
Second verse, a shot towards the sky with one of the black dudes on the left and what looks like a wee Davey falling to the ground, though it pans down to reveal davey still walking along the road, reaching the outskirts of the town.
Another cut to the twister scene, then back to davey as some rose pettles are blown towards him for the second chorus part. Another cut to the twister, and back to Davey as the black dudes start getting closer.
Then a close up of Davey's head in a totally different street with no black creatures, and back to the twister. And back to the old street with a side shot, and back to the twister for the "what would she think of her boy..." bit.
When the shot returns to the street for the ending set of choruses, it's now sunset/evening and Davey's out out of the town walking along a desert road with lamposts to the site. A quick twister shot then more and more black creatures appear, and there's a side shot of Davey passing between their legs with a small windmill in the background.
One random shot of Davey's lower side/hand walking along a greenish street, then back to the twister.
Return to a close up of Davey's head on the new street, and there's some weird liquid flowing past him. A side shot shows even more liquid heading past Davey, tuning from green to purple.
A final shot back to the twister and Davey's starting to disintigrate with streams of blackness flowing from his body, but after a close up of his face he's back to normal, but still falling, arm's flailing, then another shot from the back of some disintegration type stuff, and a front shot of his face falling past the camera.

What does it all me? Beats me.

Screen captures by Christopher Friend.