Back In Aberystwyth

Under the angel

Crimea Poster

Sound Checking

Davey Singing

Happy Owen

Joe Having Fun
Aberystwyth, a small seaside town in west wales, and home to The Crocketts. Walk down the sea front and you'll come across a few intresting things. A wishing well, the Bay Hotel, a big statue of an angel, and a couple of posters that say "The Crimea (Ex - Crocketts), Live at Rummers, You just know it's going to be good". Why else would I have just spent 6 hours on a train.

Rummers is easy to find, as long as you know what the back of it looks like, and after hanging around outside it for an hour listening to a bottleg of the Monarch gig, Owen turns up and waves. He pokes my 'tickle me elmo' and laughs, and I ask when they're playing, but he doesn't know. Eventually Rummers opens it's doors at 7pm, and inside is a small room with The Crimea and co. at one end getting stuff ready. Nim and Jon turn up while I'm having fun on some weird tables in Rummers, and I hand them some of the Crimea stickers me and a friend made. Owen and Joe are sitting next to us, and I give them some too. Owen puts on one about Joe that's written in welsh, while Joe gets ahold of a mic and sings about being an old woman and his dad getting abducted by aliens.

Now the whole band get sound checking. First up is Forgotten, a nice little song. Next there's Lottery Winners On Acid, Tragedy Rocks, and then a song with Davey singing "Just can't get laid" but it ends abruptly with Davey saying "Fuck that". Could it possibly be that he really can't get laid? So they play Fred Flintstone, and end with Utopia after a little problem with a capo. Davey promises not to mess anything up during the gig, and then they all go and sit down.

People start pouring into the bar, mainly Nim's friends, but the big mean bar owner guy takes a disliking to them, and orders anyone under 18 to get out. Davey try's to argue with him while I sit tight and hope I don't look too young. Soon enough everyone starts leaving, after Davey's managed to get the bar owner to let them back in at 10.30pm when they play. I get up to follow Jon and Nim but Davey tells me to stay because he figures the mean guy's not gonna let anyone back after they've left. To thank him for the tip, I hand him two more CD's to sign for a friend, and he's having none of it, so I sit down at their table with yet another person I've draged along to the gig with me. At least she's not my mum.

Temp Setlist  

It's about 8pm, only 2 and a half hours left till the gig. Davey and Joe put together some sort of set list, made up of anything Davey can remember and everything Joe can play. I'm bored so I get out some little toy animals to play with. Joe likes them and grabs a couple to show to Andy. Some middle aged lady comes over and starts telling us about how "Dave" always used to go round to her house when he was a student. Then Owen tells someone that his parents are in the pub, so I guess we just met his mum. I try to hand Andy a couple of 'Super Andy' stickers, but he takes the whole lot. Maybe he doesn't want anyone else getting ahold of them and embarising him. At around 10.30pm two drunk guys come up to me and start asking me if I'm Christopher and then shake my hand about 20 times. Where's that fucking bunny costume.

About 10.45pm the Crimea get on stage, and me and my friend get to the front of a totally packed room. They're only playing an acoustic gig because the bar owner doesn't want anything getting broken, and for some reason no one's charging anything for entry.
Lottery Winners On Acid is first. Davey's going mad and rambling on about everything and anything before getting on with the main song, and it sounds so much better than at The Monarch.
Blow Job is the second song, it's nice to hear a new song after the last two gigs, and the chorus, "Blowjob or nine to five", is pretty catchy.
Another new song next, Forgotten is also sounding really good. Davey's got his vocals turned up and the keyboard is much louder. Why would they ever want to play electric gigs when they sound so much better acoustically.
Utopia has all the crowd singing along and dancing, while I've dived down on the floor to get a better view.
At some point Davey's guitar goes out of tune, and while someone tunes it, another tells him to talk about something, so he introduces the band, and then gets on with the set.
La Sinoco, then Who Knows are played, and if I remember correctly, it was during the latter that a lead gets pulled out of something, and everything starts buzzing. Davey apologisies and after getting stuff plugged back in, the song starts again as if there had never been a problem.
Tragedy Rocks is the seventh song, and I'm dodging around trying to keep out the way of Davey's guitar handle, which keeps getting very close to my head.
Next up, Fred Flintstone, with Davey singing "I guess I was a little captain caveman."
Then the well known start of 1939 Returning is played perfectly by Davey.
Joe's closing his eyes and dancing like he's drunk, Andy's singing along, Owen's looking real happy and after Opposite Ends and another bit of Davey madness, they leave the stage for Davey to do a bit of solo work.
People want Will You Still Care, but Davey starts singing "I smoke too many cigarettes, I place too many loosing bets" at which point the crowd take over, but Davey tells them to shut up so he can get on with the real beginning of Closet Heroin.
Surprise of the evening, and a real treat for anyone who turned up, Frog On A Stick. It's alright on the Flower Girl CD, but it's fucking great live.
After shoving some sticks up a frog's arse, Blue Dog is played, and then the rest of the band come back to finish up.
"If you want to see my happy side...". After a while Davey gets the gets the answer out and Girl Just Died is the penultimate song. It sounds just as good as it always did, but now I can almost sing along, while everyone else dances. Davey head buts the mic,

Owens Setlist  
although it doesn't get very far, and it's time for the final song.
Yet again, Davey's head goes whoo-pa-choo, and everyone else goes mad during I Saw The Lord, a song that truely everyone on the planet should go and see. After the song Owen continues to give a solo on the drums, before getting up and leaving with the rest of the band.
The whole gig was really the best one I've seen, all I need to see now is Davey doing a bit of jumping.

I get up, and again totally forget about the set lists. Luckily for me, someone points at one and I run and grab Owen's set list. I finally get Davey to sign the CD's, Jon sticks a couple of Crimea stickers in the toilets, and someone asks me to write a review for a magazine. I tell him I'm no good at writing reviews (as you should now know) but promise to tell him what the set list was. After having Davey and Joe thank me for coming, we end up going back to Jon's house, and to end the evening Jon decides to show us his dancing skills on the way back. He ain't that good. The copper's didn't think so either, and tried to nick him for it. Hehehe. Bring on November.

Review by Christopher Friend, 1st October 2002.