The Crimea Peel Session Review


John Peel The Crimea's first ever Peel Session was aired on Wednesday 5th February 2003, and it looks like it went down rather well with the fans. John Peel's Radio 1 website contains a short bit of information on the band, which you can get to by clicking here or visiting John Peel's website by clicking on the logo to the left and looking at the In Session This Week section.

The Show

Peel started off by complementing Davey's sister Annie who produces the show before his, and then introduced The Crimea and repeated what had been written on the Radio 1 site about the band. The first song up was Fred Flintstone. If you'd downloaded it a few months ago you'll know what it sounds like, but this version showed off Davey's all new guitar skills. Looks like the practice paid off. At first listen the keyboards don't seem to gel too well with the rest of the music, but who cares, it's still great.

Three quarters of an hour later and old favourite Opposite Ends, now going by the name of Isobel, is the second Peel Session track, and it sounds alot slower than previous versions. Maybe it's just me. Davey's voice sounds a little tired, but he still manages to scream out a couple of 'Feel's'. No problem with the keyboards, and Davey messes up the only chord all night, twenty seconds from the end, which comes in a minute earlier than previous versions at about four and a half minutes long.

After a few emails from admiring fans are read out, drummer Owen Hopkin writes in to advertise the band's website, and make an excuse for messing up the recording of Forgotten. It was his birthday, he was pissed. Maybe more than he thinks...

Lottery Winners On Acid One of John Peel's favourite tunes of the past few years, Lottery Winners On Acid is dedicated to everyone who'd written in requesting it to be played. It sounds alot more like the Klutzville version rather than The Crimea's single version, with Davey's guitar solo replaced by Andy's keyboards. A welcome reminder of Crocketts times, Davey starts shouting something in the middle of the song, even if it is only for a couple of seconds. When it's over, Mr Peel requests help on what "she get's a duzeez" means. Now he knows what it feels like to have Davey "Random Mumbling" Crockett as a lead singer of your favourite band. The old Crox Army gets to it and emails in with an answer, along with more details on upcoming gigs.

After a couple more mentions of the band during the show, the last tack Forgotten is played. Someone really knows how to save the best till last, I've heard the song a couple of times during gigs, and it sounds just as good now as it did then. A perfect little indie/pop style track, and a perfect Crimea style track, with a line of lyrics nicked from an old demo, beautiful keyboards from Andy, Davey strumming chords until a solo halfway through, and managing to get his soft wobbling vocals out at the same time. Add a simple bass line from Joe and with Owen sticking to big shiny cymbals over the whiter coloured stuff, it all makes you wonder just how drunk he must have been not to notice how good it was.

Now ten minutes from the end of the show, it's just left for John Peel to again say how excellent the band are, and that there's plans for them to record another session before the end of the year.

Below is the tracklisting of the whole John Peel show aired on 5/2/2003, featuring The Crimea in session.

John Peel Tracklistings: 5/2/2003

Blues Goblins - 'Black Snake Moan (LP- Blues Goblins)' (Off)
The Delgados - 'All You Need Is Hate (LP- All You Need is Hate)' (Mantra)
Tigerstyle - 'Pukka Tingz (LP- Virsa)' (Kismet)
Tigerstyle - 'Pukka Tingz (LP- Virsa)' (Kismet)
The Crimea - 'Fred Flintstone' (Peel Session)
Matmos - 'A New Career in a New Town (LP- Fascination)' (Gallery16)
Infextious - 'Let Me Fly (Styles ' (Nukleuz)
White Stripes - 'Stop Breaking Down (EP- Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground)' (XL)
History At Our Disposal - 'A Day's Work, A Day's Bread (LP- Novella)' (Hands For Toes)
Bushman - 'This Ya Time (7")' (Kings of Kings)
Vocal Duet - 'Excelsior (Part One)' (Edison Bell)
The Crimea - 'Isobel' (Peel Session)
The Children's Hour - 'The Lumberjack Song (EP- The Children's Hour)' (Minty Fresh)
The Bug vs The Rootsman feat. Mexican - 'www (7")' (Razor X)
Sam - 'One Part Love- Two Parts Pain' (Atlantic)
Tiger Tunes - 'Train Stations and Harbours and Airports (EP- Our Foolishness Will Never Overcom This Evil World)' (Kapow)
Easy Way - 'Milk the Paw (EP- Play Piano The 'Easy Way')' (OnMe)
Mike Shannon - 'Sex Toy (LP- Slight of Hand)' (Force Inc)
The Crimea - 'Lottery Winners On Acid' (Peel Session)
Cat Power - 'He War (LP- You Are Free)' (Matador)
Rankin Taxi - 'New Day-O (7")' (Bacchanal)
Million Dead - 'Smiling at Strangers on Trains (7")' (Integrity)
Alphabetical Four - 'Noah, God's Gonna Ride on the Rainy Tide (LP- Complete Recorded Works)' (Document)
Frankie Laine - 'Rain, Rain, Rain (16 Most Requested Songs)' (Columbia)
Black Keys - 'Busted (LP- The Big Come Up)' (Alive Records)
Thomas Fehlmann - 'Making It Whistle (LP- Visions of Blah)' (Kompakt)
The Crimea - 'Forgotten' (Peel Session)
The End - 'Theatres of Memory (LP- Science/Fiction)' (Hymen)

The Recording

The CrimeaIf you have a recording of the whole show, you may use the following as a guide to find the main Crimea bits, starting from the beggining of the show in hours:minutes format.

00:08 - Hear the beggining of the introduction.
00:10 - Hear the beginning of Fred Flintstone.
00:44 - Hear Isobel / Opposite Ends.
01:18 - Hear the email from Owen read out and Lottery Winners On Acid played.
01:50 - Hear the final tune, Forgotten.

The Lyrics

Lyrics to Fred Flintstone and Isobel (Opposite Ends) can be found here.
Lyrics to Lottery Winners On Acid can be found here.
Lyrics to Forgotten can be found here.

Review by Christopher Friend, 7th February 2003. Version 2.0.